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Email subject should be: CFP UNITEDCON 2020 { Paper Title }


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  • 3) Paper Abstract (Please provide detailed working or your research/work. The more details you provide the better it is for the reviewers. Please keep the abstract to the point. Please do not try to hide the technical details or say “I can’t disclose it like that” as it does not help the reviewers in any way and may give your paper a low score because of insufficient information available in the abstract.)
  • 4) Time required
  • 5) Have you presented or submitted this paper at any other conference(s) or magazine(s)?
    Yes, No? If yes, where? and how this submission is different from the previous ones.
  • 6) Are you releasing an exploit?
    Yes/No? (If yes, please include the proof of concept with source and vulnerability details for review)
  • 7) Are you releasing a new vulnerability/zero-day?
    Yes/No? (If yes, please send us the details, including reproduction procedure, for review)
  • 8) Are there any live demonstrations ( Live demo is always added an advantage to your talks)?
    Yes/No. (If Yes, how many? Also please explain )
  • 9) Please mention your requirements during presentation.
  • 10) Do you need any special equipment?
  • 11) Your high resolution Photograph (attached)

Important Dates

1) CFP Opens: November 30, 2019
2) Abstract Submission deadline: JANUARY 15, 2020
3) Announcement of selected Abstracts: JANUARY 31, 2020
4) UNITED CON International Conference on Cyber Space Date: FEBRUARY 28 & 29, 2020


We are happy to accept each & every topic which is related to security, latest technologies, emerging challenges etc